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An app that helps me keep track of my commissions and provide useful metrics of growth as an artist. Built with swift for my independent study 

Landing page for our startup "CIEL" from my entrepreneurial capstone. Built with react (2020)

An app design mockup for our startup "CIEL" from my entrepreneurial capstone. Designed in photoshop (2019)

A web application for facilitating car pools among cu students. website built with react, and connected to a mysql database (2018) 

My second portfolio website built using react (2017) 

My first Portfolio website built using HTML/CSS and javascript (2016)
A tool for self-teaching. back-end built with react, front-end built with HTML/CSS and javascript. landing page is old and a little wonky now* 
A web application that uses startup data from places such as Slack in order to derive cultural insight and recommend shifts in communication within a company. built with react
local co-op fast-paced competitive brawler. hosted with html/css/javascript and coded in c#

A web interface for a Markov chain that utilizes Obama's past speeches 

a side-scrolling endless platformer that gradually gets faster the longer the game goes on. This project was chosen as a Devpost staff pick, and featured on their newsletter. Coded in python 

a fun chrome extension which replaces all vowels with the word 'oodle'

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